Thursday, December 20, 2012

Diversification tips for Financial Advisors

Guest post: Bill Dillhoefer
Net Worth Strategies, Inc.

This news brief contains information to help financial advisors assist individuals with employee stock options and restricted shares by making timely and prudent diversification decisions.

·         The Fiscal Cliff Effect and Employee Stock Options: The results of the expiring Bush tax cuts and automatic spending reductions are predicted to cause an economic recession which will likely reduce company earnings and stock prices for some period of time. This article addresses how the Fiscal Cliff will affect the value of ones employee stock options and what should be done prior to the end of the year...
·         Enticing Stock Option Recipients to Reach Out: Here’s an idea that equity compensation advisors can use to entice executives into seeking their professional assistance. It is called the StockOpter Teaser Report because it provides employee stock options recipients with unique information that compels them to reach out for help...
·         Selecting a Volatility Assumption: This short video shows step by step how to select a reasonable volatility assumption for valuing employee stock options using the Black Scholes calculation. Volatility is a required assumption for calculating the “Time Value” of an option, but selecting a value is an art not a science...
·         Year End Equity Compensation FAQs: These frequently asked questions and answers from provide in-depth guidance on end of year planning issues...
·         Preparing for 2013: If you are planning on increasing your equity compensation related business next year consider: 1) Checking out and 2) Contacting Net Worth Strategies to set up a strategy planning session. These are done at no cost and will help you determine resources, priorities and tasks for establishing an effective executive services program.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Don't work during retirement!

Guest post: Nick Grounds
The New Year fast approaches and with it comes brand new challenges, with new tax laws coming into effect, along with new health care reform. Whatever one's political views are, one thing is certain... taxes are going up!

There are many questions asked by people when looking at retirement: Is social security going to be there when I retire? And, if it is, when is the best time and age to take it? When I retire how much is healthcare going to cost me? There is a great deal of misinformation about both of these subjects, so make sure that the information that is received is from a person with in-depth knowledge.

The challenge is how to accumulate enough wealth in order to retire with dignity, and have sufficient funds in the right plan so that one does not outlive one's savings. 

One way of ensuring that one does not outlive the savings is to invest in a variable annuity, if designed correctly these annuities are a self-made pension plan, which will give a stream of income for life, and will also have a death benefit.

Whichever path and investment vehicle one decides to choose the only thing that is imperative is that a plan must be put in place, and the earlier the better.

[Blog site owner comment: as always, my advice is that you make time to understand your investments, projected returns, costs/fees, etc.  You owe it to yourself to become financially literate, and a professional advisor is able to assist.]

Nick Grounds is a licensed professional, representing a large, global financial institution that offers a comprehensive portfolio of investment products and choices.  Nick can be contacted via this blog, or directly at